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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Mellowcreme Pumpkins

Every year around this time I get excited. Why? Because this is the only time of the year when my mellowcreme pumpkins are sold. I LOVE these pumpkins. I don't know why but they just make me happy. I will scour the Targets, Walmarts and CVS's of NOVA to find a bag of said pumpkins. I don't want candy corn and I don't want the Harvest Mix (candy corn and pumpkins), I want a bag full of nothing but pumpkins. Now, in years past I would eat them until my tongue felt scratchy and my teeth hurt, but I'm learning. I'm trying to adhere to a Weight Watchers portion. I can have 6-9 pumpkins (depending on the brand) for 3 points. This makes the bag last a lot longer and I don't feel like vomiting. The Sensation likes the pumpkins too, but not like I do. I'm considering going out in the nasty cold rainy weather to see if CVS has any more. The season is almost over and I have to get my fix.

UPDATE: I found them at CVS! I bought 5 bags.


  • At 2:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i new i had a problem when i hadn't eaten all day but i went to cvs and bought about three packs of mellowcremes..oh how i luv them


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